As with juicing, making smoothies requires a machine; in this case one that blends all the ingredients into a mushy, pulpy liquid. These machines provide a quick and convenient way of getting nutrition.

The Good
Unlike with juicing, smoothie machines just pulp the fiber, they don’t remove it. As a lot of a food’s nutrients are in the fiber, this results in drinks that are healthier.

When compared to juicing, another benefit is cost. Producing a smoothie doesn’t require more food in the way that juicing does.

Blending fruits and vegetables in the form of a smoothie is a quick and easy way to fuel the body. It is also possible to add other types of food to enhance a smoothie’s nutrient content generally, or more specifically. As an example of the latter, adding nuts will give a smoothie a boost of protein.

Smoothies can be a lot more than just a drink. With a bit of thought and imagination, it is possible to come up with concoctions that are actually meal-substitutes. These can keep you going until lunch or whatever. You can also create your own energy drinks rather than buy them off the shelf.

Smoothies make it easier to eat food that you don’t like the taste of. All you have to do is blend it with something you do like the taste of.

The Bad
Smoothies are not, and never will be, as good as eating whole fruits and vegetables. There are several reasons for this. One is that during the blending process, the fiber is pulped and, inevitably some is damaged. This means that the amount in the finished drink is not as much as would be gained from eating the fruit or vegetable whole.

Another is due to the process of oxidation (also an issue with juicing). As soon as the skin of a fruit or vegetable is broken, its flesh is exposed to light and air. This causes the nutrients in it to start breaking down almost immediately. To demonstrate this, cut into an apple and you will see that the area around the cut very quickly turns brown – this is oxidation at work. So right from the word go, your smoothie is losing its nutritional value and, the longer you store it, the more it will lose.

Smoothies can be very high in both sugar and calories. It’s very easy to get carried away when making these drinks and add things you really shouldn’t, or simply just too much of them. One way to prevent this is to add leafy green vegetables that are generally relatively tasteless. This will leave less room for the sugary stuff (and provide more nutrients as a bonus).

Smoothies can even be dangerous. This is due to the design of the blending machine’s cutting blades that makes them difficult to clean. As a result, many people don’t do it as well as they should, and the blades and the surrounding area become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. These can cause food poisoning and diseases such as e.coli and salmonella.

Bottom Line
Smoothies offer several benefits. One is that they provide a quick and easy way of getting a concentrated dose of nutrients. Another is that they make it possible to get the nutrient content of foods a person doesn’t eat. 

However, they have to be consumed quickly in order to get the full nutritional value of the drink. It’s also important to keep the smoothie machine clean – a lot of people neglect to do this and can suffer as a result.

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